Suggestions for Business Committee

The Central Office  is in the rare situation of having extra cash on hand. What do you think we should do with it?  Here are some ideas already offered:
  1. Lower prices of certain books:  Big Books, 12 &12s, etc.
  2. Purchase Grapevine/La Vina subscriptions for North County physicians, clergy, mental health professionals, or others who come across people with drinking problems.
  3. Host breakfast or lunch events for clergy, lawyers, doctors, military, mental health professionals, police, etc.
  4. Distribute literature to school nurses/social workers/teachers, etc.
  5. Distribute and regularly re-stock pamphlet distribution to non-profit health care clinics throughout North County.  This might involve collaboration with the North County Spanish Central Office.
  6. Contact the North County LGBTQ Center to get on the radar for PRIDE next year.
  7. Place a communication in the READER, THE PAPER, COASTAL DISPATCH, MILITARY TIMES, and other publications that are widely distributed in North County.
  8. Central office speaker meeting with adjustments to make it more public information focused.
  9. Meet with NSDYPAA to discuss getting young people involved in 12 step ideas and new ways to reach younger people.
  10. Workshop to discuss safety in meetings for new members. This includes sexual advances as well as members taking advantage of financial issues of new people. Signs for old-timers notice and intervene.
  11. 12th Step workshop to have members learn and discuss service opportunities in AA.
  12. Have more events like the Traditions Breakfast.
  13. Contribute to ASL.
  14. Host fun events like bowling, Padres games, picnics, etc.