All About Zoom

Finding Zoom meetings on our website

On the MEETINGS page change the Type filter to “Online Meeting.”
All Online Meetings

Zoom Passwords

We recommend all Zoom meetings should be password protected.  Some meetings do not use passwords which makes them more susceptible to “zoom bombing”.  We will not publish any Zoom Meeting URLs with embedded passwords.  This means the user will need to manually enter the password when they enter the Zoom meeting.  Most passwords are in the meeting info field. If not, contact information may be provide. Otherwise, please ask your group secretary for your meeting’s password.

Submitting a Zoom meeting to our website

To add or update Zoom information to an existing meeting, find the meeting on the MEETINGS page, and click “Request a change to this listing.” Paste your Zoom meeting  ID, password, and link into the Message box.

7th Tradition at Zoom meetings

Most meetings have transitioned to digital pay apps such as Venmo and/or pay by check. Each meeting is autonomous so if you are unsure, ask in the Zoom meeting’s chat box.


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