About Contributing

AA is fully self-supporting and declines outside contributions. AA groups and their members support their Intergroup/Central Office, local services, District, Area, and the General Service Office.
Here is an illustrated pamphlet that suggests ways AA groups can contribute to various AA service entities:
Self-Support: Where Money & Spirituality Mix

How to Contribute to A.A. Services 

after group’s expenses are met, each group can determine how its contributions are to be distributed. The following are some of the most common AA Services groups contribute to:

North County Central Office

1020 S. Santa Fe Ave., Suite B
Vista, CA 92084

Contribute to Central Office Online

General Service Office

P.O. Box 2407, James A. Farley Station
New York, NY 10116-2407

Online contributions to GSO can be made here:
Contributions and Self Support

San Diego Imperial Area Assembly

P.O. Box 3670
San Diego, CA 92163

Venmo contributions: @SDIAA-AreaEight

North County Area Institutions Committee

P.O. Box 4013
Carlsbad, CA 92018-4013

North County H&I website

Your Local District

Your District address can be found at the Area 8 website:  Area 8 Districts.

Gold Can Collection – Sign Language

The Sign Language Fund
P.O. Box 34258
San Diego, CA 92163

Venmo ASL Contributions
Use: Jeffery Dean-Pedrosa@JDP-TheGoldCan

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