About the Viewpoint

What is the Viewpoint?

The Viewpoint is the North San Diego County A.A. monthly newsletter.  It is a publication of the North San Diego County Intergroup of A.A. and is distributed by the North County Central Office.

When is it published?

It is published after the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Where can I get it?

The Viewpoint is always available on line here.  Hard copies may be obtained from the North County Central Office, at some Alano Clubs, and at various meetings.

What’s usually in the Viewpoint?

The Viewpoint contains a variety of North County A.A. business reports, events calendars and reader submissions.

  • The monthly Intergroup Meeting minutes
  • Financial Contributions from local A.A. groups to Intergroup
  • North County H&I (Hospitals and Institutions Committee) news
  • The Service Calendar lists monthly Program, Business, and Intergroup committee meetings
  • The Events Calendar lists conferences, conventions, campouts, dances, workshops, and other events scheduled during the following months.

Please submit information on upcoming events a few months prior to the event when possible.

Writing for the Viewpoint

We always encourage and welcome reader submissions. Please consider submitting something to the Viewpoint. For example:

  • Share your experience, strength & hope about your recovery
  • Lessons Learned in recovery (so others may learn, too)
  • Poems, Lyrics, Jokes or Cartoons about recovery in A.A.
  • Your favorite paragraphs from A.A. literature
  • Announcements, Events, Workshops, Dances, Picnics, etc.
  • Insights into recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic

How do I submit something for the Viewpoint?

It’s easy.  Just email your contributions to viewpoint@ncsandiegoaa.org

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