North County Central Office

The Central Office Bookstore is closed temporarily to visitors, but we are still answering the phones and updating meeting info on the website hour-by-hour 

If you urgently need AA literature, please call and we will try to accommodate your request – office line is (760) 758-2514 

Each of us can reach out to our fellow members.  Be sure to check out some of the online resources mentioned below to help us get through this difficult time.

Regards (Stay Healthy Please), Central Office Staff Ken, Liz & Valerie

NCIA Meetings

Many meetings have been temporarily cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic response. They are either shuttered or have transitioned to online meetings.  If you want to know which meetings in your area may be cancelled, use the “Temporary Closure”  meeting type.  To see all the cancelled meetings in North San Diego County click + Temporary Closure 


NCIA Zoom Meetings

Many of the cancelled meetings have transitioned to zoom online meetings. New zoom online only meetings have also been created. If you want to see the online zoom meetings in your area, use the “Online Meeting” meeting type.  To see all the online meetings in North San Diego County, use the “Online Meeting” meeting type. To see all the online zoom meetings in North San Diego County, click on + Online Meetingne.  

If you want to participate in a zoom meeting, you will need to  install the Zoom app on your PC, phone or tablet. You can also dial in.

You will need the zoom meeting ID (and optional password) or the meeting URL to join the meeting. You get that information from the Meeting directory, the Meeting Guide app or the Meeting host (usually the secretary).  In some cases, the zoom Meeting host will send interested participants an invitation email.

Setting up a virtual A.A. meeting with ZOOM

Best Practices for a Digital 7th Tradition

Anonymity & Suggested Default Zoom Settings

Free Access to Online Grapevine

To help members during this time, Grapevine is giving everyone free access to most of our 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues.

AA  Intergroup Online Meetings

Great resource to connect with fellow alcoholics.  There is a plethora of online meetings using Email, Chat,  Audio/Video, Discussion Forums and Telephone.

AA GSO Audio and Videos

Sound and visual media help to carry the message of recovery of Alcoholics Anonymous and to inform the public and professionals about A.A. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are available in both video and audio formats (for television and radio broadcast), as well as other materials specifically for young people and for professionals working with alcoholics.

AA in The Desert – Audio

Hear the Big Book, 12 x 12 read aloud and a variety of workshop audio.

Lots of Great Speakers Online

This is the go-to to listen to listening to great speakers online.  From Bill & Bob to the latest speakers (Note this also includes non-AA speakers).